3D Large Sea Turtle Metal Wall Art

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Celebrate one of earth’s oldest living creatures with this large metal wall art sea turtle. Did you know the oldest known sea turtle fossils date back about 150 million years? Designed by American artists, the sea turtle’s brightly colored body and shell are made to stand out by using a 7-step color Infusionn process that creates a smooth, weather durable, UV-resistant finish. The intricately detailed coral is laser cut to produce that lifelike definition of these fragile yet hardy sea creatures and adds a nice contrast to the turtle. The handcrafted metallic finish forms a fine sheen of reflected light making this turtle seem like he’s gliding through the sea. Bendable components add a further customizable dimension. Measuring approx. 23” x 14” and made of 22-gauge steel, this size able turtle is one of our best sellers. Customers will enjoy displaying this large sea turtle art on the wall of their boat house or indoors as part of their living room décor. Made in the USA.



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